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The SmartCARE Opportunity:

Freedom, Flexibility, Financial Independence

The SmartCARE Opportunity offers two lucrative income opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn from Plan Consultants under you:
You are allowed three beneath you, they are allowed three beneath them, this is called a 3x9 matrix. You're able to earn a part of the commission for sales made by every Plan Consultant beneath you, bringing a high income potential. Our system is setup as a MLM but intended not to be abused and to be a win-win-win for you, your plan consultants beneath you, and the customers with the plans.

What do I get? You are given a fully built replicated website to use for marketing that will be where your customers buy their plans and where your new Plan Consultants sign up under you. You're also given access to our back office where you can keep track of sales, commissions, your Plan Consultants progress, visitor analytics, advanced communication tools through customer relations management systems, and training on new ways to market and sell the Protection Plans.

Does it cost anything? We do have an annual enrollment fee of $25 and a monthly website fee of $9.95, making it a total of $34.95 to get started. There are no other hidden fees or extra costs involved in our program. Whether you just want to sell the Protection Plans or if you have 1000 Plan Consultants beneath you, it's just $9.95 a month for the website and $25 a year to enroll.

What is the compensation plan? How much do I make?? The SmartCARE Plan Consultant (PC) who sells our Protection Plans (link to competitive plans HERE) earns a sales commission. When you, as a SmartCARE Plan Consultant sell a Protection Plan, you are paid 50% of the plans enrollment fee AND 20% on every monthly payment. That's residual income every month! There is no limit to the number of plans you can sell.

Need an example? If you sold 3 of our lowest Protection Plans the 'Single Plan' at the current rate of $20 enrollment and $9.95 a month you'll earn $30 in commissions AND $7.46 a month for as long as their plans are active. If you sold just 1 family plan at the current rate of $100 enrollment and $49.95 a month you would earn $50 in commissionn AND $24.97 a month! You can see how selling even a few a week can quickly add up.

Do you help with sales leads?? We offer leads ready to buy at a small extra cost. If you want a boost while you work on your marketing strategies we can help you out with warm leads that come our way everyday. In fact all sales requested through our corporate website are given to those PCs who are a part of our lead generation program. Ask us for more information.

When do I get paid??? We payout commissions once every two weeks. When the time comes our system automatically calculates all of your sales and the sales of the PCs beneath you and issues to your bank the correct amount in sales commissions. Easy. Quick. Get Paid!

*There are no commissions paid on the Plan Consultant annual Fee of $25 or the monthly administrative fee of $9.95. Plan Consultant and IBO commissions are paid only with the Protection Plan, Retail sale and selling the business kit.

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